frequently asked questions

What is Agni? 

Agni (ahg-nee) refers to the digestive fire that is responsible for metabolizing food and incorporating its nutrients into the body. In essence, Agni is the process by which food becomes us. You could say that it’s an ancient word for “microbiome.” 

This simple truth — that food becomes us — is at the heart of everything we do. 

We envision a world where everyone is constantly becoming their best selves, where we can all live our most vibrant lives. That world can start with food. When we choose to eat delicious, nutrient-dense food that was grown in harmony with nature, we become happy, nourished, and connected to the universe around us. 

Why do you create products by life moment?

As a culture, we are just learning that the root of most health ailments is an imbalance in the body — too much of some things and/or not enough of others. Often these days this imbalance takes the form of nutrient deficiency. 

In addition to concerns around processed foods, overtaxed soil often results in crops containing fewer nutrients. A carrot grown in 1982 had far more nutrients than a carrot grown today. So even when we are “being good,” eating our fruits and veggies, we may fall short of magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, etc. etc. 

As a result, our immune system and endocrine systems suffer and fail to produce the antibodies or hormone levels they used to. And so we get sick. We get headaches, painful PMS, recurring colds. What ails us becomes the clue to how the body is imbalanced, which can ultimately become our key to feeling better. 

We take these clues and turn them into delicious foods.


You use the words “nourishment”  a lot — why?

To us, nourishment is about providing the body with what it needs — nutritionally, emotionally, or mentally. Sometimes the best nourishment is the knowledge that someone else sees what you’re going through and is sending love and support. Sometimes it’s permission to take a warm bath and to relax for 20 minutes during a hard time.

Nourishment is also about respecting and using the abundant early remedies that our planet provides. From yarrow flower to flax seeds, the plants around us are filled with nutrients that address deficiencies and imbalances that are the root causes of so many modern ailments.

Can I add this to babylist/ another registry I’ve created?

Babylist has a great in-depth FAQ here, and you can also add the babylist chrome extension to add other products from other sites you’re perusing.


Is there anything perishable in these boxes?

All of our products are shelf stable and will not spoil. The cookies taste freshest for the first 6 weeks after purchase, though we’re quite sure that they’ll disappear long before then :)


Are the lactation cookies gluten-free?

Yes. While most brewer's yeast is grown on barley and therefore contains trace amounts of gluten, we use a type of brewer’s yeast that is grown on beets. Truly gluten free! 


Where do you currently ship?

We ship anywhere in the world where mail is received.

How soon will the package arrive?

You can select a shipping time at checkout — any orders placed before 4pm PST can be delivered as early as the following day.